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About Angela

Nutritional Therapy &
Functional Medicine

We are what we eat and
can absorb

Nutritional Therapy

Rather than the focus being on treating specific conditions and diseases, a nutritional therapy and functional medicine approach to health is much more centred on you as an individual. It addresses the needs of you as a whole person, rather than a set of isolated symptoms, and it seeks to identify the underlying causes of your health issues.

My aim is to spend time with you, listening to your individual health story and looking at the interaction between your diet and environmental and lifestyle factors that can have an influence on your long-term health and complex chronic disease. Mind-body connections – psychological, spiritual and social factors – can also have a significant impact, so I will consider these as part of your overall health programme.

It is important to look for underlying causes and apply strategies such as
dietary and lifestyle changes to both optimise health and prevent illness. We may need to consider a variety of processes which can impact on your health, including:


  • How well do you digest and absorb the nutrients from your food as well as the overall health of your digestive tract?

  • How well do you produce energy?

  • How well does your body rid itself of toxins?

  • Are you able to effectively regulate your hormones and neurotransmitters?

  • Do you have optimal immune system function?

  • Is inflammation in your body causing a problem?

  • To help support your emotional and psychological well being, you may wish to consider a series of Heartmath sessions

All of these processes may be influenced by your genetic make-up and the impact of our environment.  If you are interested in exploring the effect that your genes might have on your health, why not include nutrigenomic testing as part of your nutrition programme.

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