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About Angela


A structured approach to your health aims with an action plan to follow


Individualised nutrition – we all have different needs


Interpretation of your nutrigenomic results to help personalise your health plan further, if you wish


The tools to manage stress and promote a greater sense of wellbeing

Someone who will listen to you and take an in-depth case history


Someone to help guide you on your journey to optimal health

Angela Bailey BA(Hons), DipION, DipRSA

Nutrition and Functional Medicine Practitioner, Nutrigenomics Practitioner and Heartmath Coach

Member of BANT, CNHC and IFM

Do you have an interest in the benefits of optimum nutrition?

I work with a wide range of people who want a nutritional and functional medicine approach to their health aims – managing stress, optimising energy levels, supporting good hormone and neurotransmitter balance and digestive health.

I have been in practice in north Cheshire for well over 17 years and am professionally qualified in nutritional therapy from the well-known Institute for Optimum Nutrition. I believe passionately in the power of foods and have learned to never underestimate the effects on health and vitality that can be achieved through even small beneficial changes to our diets and lifestyle.


In addition to my thriving nutrition practice, I have also been involved in training nutritional therapists for the last 15 years, with a number of the main UK Nutritional Therapy training providers.

More recently, I have developed an interest in nutrigenomic testing and have found this invaluable in helping to further personalise my clients’ health and nutrition programmes. This interest in the link between our genes and our diets and lifestyles led to my co- founding GenesnippersUK , a company which has the express aim of providing high quality training for practitioners in the interpretation of their clients’ nutrigenomic tests.

I'm practitioner who uses a functional medicine approach, not only do I consider the network of possible underlying biochemical imbalances, but I also have a strong interest in emotional and energetic aspects which can impact on physical health. 


As a qualified Heartmath coach, I can offer you the tools to help manage stress and develop strategies to be more in control of your emotions and destiny. I find that this complements well the nutritional and biochemical approach of my practice.

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