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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Meet Angela


Angela Bailey BA(Hons), DipION, DipRSA

Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine Practitioner, Nutrigenomics Practitioner and Heartmath Coach

Member of BANT, CNHC and IFM

Do you have an interest in the benefits of optimum nutrition?

I work with a wide range of people who want a nutritional and functional medicine approach to their health aims – managing stress, optimising energy levels, supporting good hormone and neurotransmitter balance and digestive health.​

There are a wide range of services available

To find out more about these services please have a look through the site and get in touch if you have any further questions.

Nutritional Therapy & Functional Medicine


Rather than the focus being on treating specific conditions and diseases, a nutritional therapy and functional medicine approach to health is much more centred on you as an individual.


How can we use our understanding of the interaction of the food that we eat and our genes to design a better, healthier and more individual diet for ourselves?


I regularly see people who are experiencing symptoms that can be related to the stress in their lives, currently or in the past.


How many of us think about our connection to the earth when we walk barefoot on that sandy beach?

Laboratory Testing


A wide range of laboratory tests are available through nutritional therapists like myself, click the tests box to the left for some of the tests that I have found most useful in my practice.

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